Volume III - 2015/2016


Miranda Brethour

Benet Gladwin

Éditeurs et réviseurs des applications / Editors and Submission Reviewers

Sophie Cayer

Laura Chamberland

Renée Davis

Sebastian Herrera-Gonzalez

Mihaela Ion

Eamonn Lahey

Emily McBain-Ashfield

Katherine Morrow

Nicole Taylor

Eric Wilkinson

Serena Ypelaar

Conteneu de journal/Journal Contents:

Colonizing Rock Cree Country: The Guy Indian Residential School at Sturgeon Landing, Saskatchewan, 1926-1953

Bruce McKenna

Rousseau chez les Montagnards et les Girondins

Alexandre Lépine

Krautrock: A New German Identity

Enid Gibney

"A Woman's Place": Preparing to Demobilize Women from the Workforce

Chelsea Lappin

Written in the Tsars: The Legitimacy of Tsardom in Sixteenth Century Muscovy

Adriana Wizniewska

Bankers, Bureaucrats and Battle Plans: The Ministry of Economic Warfare versus the German War Economy

Oliver Parker

White Knowledge and Black Bodies: The Radicalization of Medicine in the Antebellum South

Marissa Foley

"Fuhrer McCarthy": The Reaction to McCarthyism in Western Europe and the American-Soviet Cultural Competition

Neil Robert Moss

No Gods, No Masters, No Norms?: Anarchism amongst French Homosexuals and its Thematic Relevance to the Cold War

Craig Muncaster

First In, Last Out: Surviving the POW Camps in Hong Kong

Matthew Schwartzkopf

Éditrice de mise en page / Layout Editor

Renée Davis

Traductrice / Translator

Sophie Cayer




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