Volume IV - 2016/2017



Katherine Morrow

Heather Townsend

Éditeurs et réviseurs des applications / Editors and Submission Reviewers

Miranda Brethour

Laura Chamberland

Vesna Curlic

Sebastian Herrera-Gonzalez

Rachel Kaszantis

Alicia Krausewitz

Thea Lewis

Timothy McKay

Lindsay MacMillian

Emily Witherow

Conteneu de journal/Contents of Journal:

Le Red Light, une question de moralité et de modernité

Alex Cadieux

From Treating the Sould to Treating the Self: The Medicalization of Criminality in Nineteenth-Century America

Stephany Chavalier-Crockett

Pêchur, malade et criminel: Conceptualisation de l’homosexualité et identification en URSS

Marie-Eve Desjardins

Stalling Out: An Analysis of Diefenbaker's Indecisive Nuclear Policy

Nicholas Freidel

Socialism and Death: Foreign Music and the Self-Injection Movement in Cuba

Mihaela Ion

Glenn Gould: Nationalism Variations

Alexander Kemp

Too Big to Sail? Assigning Blame During the South Sea Bubble of 1720

Oliver Parker

An Iconographic Analysis of the Image "Ce qu'il fait pour Vaincre"

Quinn Robinson

Choosing to Take A Different Path: A Study of the Patriot Movement

Zachary Todoroff

Under the Skin: X-rays, the Gaze and the Body in Late Nineteenth-Century America

Adriana Wiszniewska




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