Volume V - 2017-2018


Electoral College, Change, and Public Debate: 19th Century and Modern Era

Kevin Arnel

Fear of Orientalization: Canada's Negotiated Foreign Policy with Japan 1885-1908

Alexandria Ball

La crise de la conscription pendant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale dans la presse acadienne et québécoise

Stéphanie Bourque

'Foreman says these job are going, boys, and they ain't coming back': Bruce Springsteen's Historicization of Deindustrialization and the American Working Class

Hayden Bullbrook

The Mounties' Puppet Council?: A Historical Briefing on Governance at the Six Nations of Grand River and the Election of 1924

Thea Lewis

The Hits Just Keep on Coming: How the Rock and Roll Industry Saved Wrestling

Erik Nowaczek

Bison in the Metabolic Rift?: The Decline of the Bison in World-Ecological Perspective

Amy Parker

Stephany Chevalier-Crockett

Charlotte McMurtry

Fatima Allen

Félix Bolduc

Jacinthe Bourbonnais

Andrew Faber

Nicholas Friedel

Marissa Foley

Corey Leore

Heather McIntyre

Chantelle Perreault

Mary Stein

Emily Witherow


‘Les fers et chaînes françaises’: La prison coloniale, le nationalisme et l’imaginaire national vietnamien

Marie-Eve Desjardins

Éditeurs et réviseurs des applications/ Editors and Submission Reviewers

'None of the Devils Can Protect Us Against the Others': Dutch Neutrality in the First World War and the Importance of Shows of Force in the Province of Zeeland from 1917-1918

Nathan Dyck

Contenu du Journal/Contents of Journal:

Time Travel and Gentile Protagonists in American Children's Holocaust Fiction: Coming to Terms with the Holocaust in Postwar America Through the Act of Vicarious Experience and Witness

Miranda Brethour

Alexander in Central Asia 329-328: A Re-evaluation of Arrian

Spencer Evans

Indian Resistance During the Third Plague Pandemic

Kelsey Lessard




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