Volume VII - 2019/2020


Contenu du journal/Contents of Journal:

The Vanishing of the Indian: The Legislation and Consequences of the Legal Extinction of Status Indians

Kevin Arnel

Étude d’une source primaire: Témoignage de Barbara Birene

Mathilde Bertrand

L'importance de la famille Taschereau dans la société québécoise

Jacinthe Bourbonnais

The Denazification of Germany from a Catholic Perspective: Jacques Maritain VS Pope Pius XII

Anastasia Cherygova

Silent Until Zero: Restoring the Historical Narrative of Canadian Tunnelling Companies at Messines Ridge

Gabrielle Deschamps


Danielle Lyn Carron

Ryan Young

Freedom-Induced Insanity in African Americans: Examining Snapshots of Pro-Slavery Medical Arguments in the Antebellum and Reconstruction era United States, 1850s-1877

Abemmelek Ermeyes

Comité éditorial et de révision d’applications / Editorial Board and Submission Review Panel

"RAN AWAY A smart Well looking Negro BOY": Uncovering the Lives of Enslaved Children and Youth in Colonial Canada

Khiya Hillyard

Sarah Benson

Tyler Brooks

Danielle Lyn Carron

Tegwyn Skye Curtis

Marieke Jansen-Young

Gabrielle Kaduc-Stojsic

Mélanie H. Laurin

Adrianna McAllister

Hannah Richardson

Nikou Salamat

Margarita Stappas

Ryan Young

Statelessness as fertile ground for human rights abuses: a case study of the Rohingya Muslims in Burma in the 1970s and the 1980s

Karina Juma

"Dazzling and Domesticated": The 1950s Conception of American Housewives as Soft Power

Kait Lyons

Before It's Too Late: Early 20th-Century Postcards and the Imagined Canadian Indian

Eliza Meeson

Urbanization From A Bird's Eye View: A Spacial Analysis of the Development and Urbanization of Toronto using Aerial Photographs

Shannon Smith

You are now entering the Twilight Zone, a world of Cold War paranoia and hysteria

Chantel Stone

"Suffering for the Great Cause of Civilization": California's Indigenous Genocide

Emily Kimi Witherow




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